Capecod Stories is the new Capecod Gaming happening; a column that tells about our Top Slots that over the years have distinguished themselves in the market, galvanising players and operators.
We will tell about the characteristics that made each slot winning and attractive for the market with the aim of reliving their Story: a story in the sign of Made in Italy.

Our seventh Capecod Story is dedicated to Horus Gold.

Follow us in the Stories! 

Make your way through pyramids, hieroglyphs, mummies, obelisks, sphinxes and ancient palaces to reach the gold coins!

Set in ancient Egypt at the time of the Pharaohs and Gods,  Horus Gold Slot Machine is particularly inspired by the God Horus, half human and half hawk and Lord of prophecy, music, art and beauty. Thanks to a theme that has always been attractive to the market and thanks to an intuitive and dynamic Game Play, Horus Gold immediately became popular with players, who still today continue to enjoy with it, Spin after Spin.

Launched in April 2015, Horus Gold has fully entered Capecod Gaming's TOP 20 slot group and will continue to be there.


Explore ancient Egypt

Bonus Free Spin, Magic Spin, Bonus HORUS and Magic Book


The graphics of the Horus Gold free slot center on the treasure of the falcon deity Horus, reproducing the ruins of an ancient temple and numerous statues and sarcophagi. These are the basic symbols protagonists of the slot: the scarab, the eye, the key, the hawk and the classic symbols A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9.



The Cobra and the Pharaoh's Mummy are both Wild symbols, but they perform their functions in slightly different ways; the Cobra Wild is also capable of generating its own combinations while the Mummy expands itself to cover all the reel. The Sphinx is a Scatter activator of the Bonus Free Spins, the Book leads to Magicspins and Horus God itself will open the doors to a bonus in which rich prizes can be won by opening the sarcophagies.