Ready, laugh, go!

Laugh and laugh more, spin by spin! This is the key for having fun with ULTRA JOKER! Our Joker takes you into a classic Slot machine with Dices, Fiches and Poker Cards, all accompanied by funny background music! So, Ready, Laugh, Go!

95,67% 27,27% Low


The Special Symbols of Ultra Joker

Spinning Ultra Joker will feel like playing 2 slots in one! The particular format of this slot represents the duality of the Joker, with the two red and blue parts coming together sharing the central column. The winnings are guaranteed from the right and from the left for combinations of only 3 elements, and the larger central column where the Expanded Joker shall appear, will increase the chances of success exponentially!

3 Free symbols appearing anywhere on the reels activate Freespin Bonus Game. You have 10 spins to play with the central fixed column (composed by a blocked Expanded Wild symbol that fills all the column as it was entirely made by 4 WILDS). Once there are no more attempts the Slot Machine returns to the base game.