From Olympus to Earth: is a short step thanks to Capecod!

Mythology shows itself in all its splendor thanks to Capecod, which brings together in a single Slot Machine all the famous Gods of Olympus, led by the powerful ZEUS, the greatest and WILD God.

95,75% 30,81% Medium


The Special Symbols Of Wild Gods


5 scatter symbols give access to the Gods bonus. During game bonus, player chooses a divine statue to awaken and he will get a cash win or free spins.Once the bonus is over, if there are free spins to play, the game goes directly to the free spins phase, while if the win is only in coins, player gets its win and goes back to the base game.

The full WILD GODS symbol (2 adjacent symbols) gives access to the MYSTERY BONUS, where a random win will be drawn and awarded. Bonus games pay a random win, proportional to the bet level set when the combination that triggered it came out.